A downloadable game for Android

Halls of the Forgotten is a prototype made as a GSAS Research Project for the Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences program at RPI. Halls plays as a typical turn-based RPG where the attack options are sample questions for the GRE graduate level vocabulary test. The monster drops and crafting systems engage the player to continue further test preparation and the game serves as a more palatable way to work with example test questions than the usual textbook method.

The game is stuck in prototype stage due to a lack of access to a bank of test questions. There are ten questions for each type of attack, and the words used for answer choices are listed in the game's dictionary. The system is flexible enough to use any type of question, not just vocabulary, and we'd love to use this framework with a more robust question set to get the most out of the project.

Halls of the Forgotten was featured at the Revolutionary Learning 2016 Conference Arcade!

Game Design -- Jacob Schatz
Programming -- Hayden Lee and Tim Huang
Artwork -- Sami Hansen
Character Animation -- Alex Giusti

Music by Incompetech.

Install instructions

If you access this page on your Android device, you can give the game a shot by downloading it from this page after allowing your phone to install APK files from unknown sources.


Halls of the Forgotten.apk 71 MB