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Travel through the mind of an unhinged violinist to set his mind back in line with reality!

Out of Tune is a platformer in which you take on the role of Renee, an accomplished musician who is tasked with unraveling the mind of her ex-fiancee, Peter. Peter's internal monologue casts him as the unworthy victim of circumstance, but Renee's memory is sharper than his.

Blast your way through three levels with six different instruments, and take on Peter's version of people in their shared history. Set him straight and bring him back into tune!


  • WASD -- Move left and right
  • Space -- Jump
  • Move the mouse to aim, left click to fire your weapon, right click for melee attacks, scroll to switch weapons.
  • Numbers 1-5: Weapon select.
  • Enter: Advance through dialogue boxes.

Slightly Sharp Productions -- Credits:

  • John Conover -- Lead Gameplay Programmer
  • Alessandro Giusti -- 2D Animation / 3D Geometry
  • Sami Hansen -- 2D Art
  • Hayden Lee -- Lead AI/UI Programmer
  • Bryce Miller -- Music / Sound Effects
  • Jacob Schatz -- Mechanics + Level Design, Story

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and .exe file to the same destination folder, then run the .exe file.


OutOfTune.zip 60 MB