A downloadable Discord Bot for Windows

RandoBot is a bot for Discord that is the evolution of a tool that I used for Offbeat Classes. This bot uses Python and its own mild scripting language to output randomly generated results for specific tasks.


RandoBot has several arbitrarily cobbled together dictionaries. The most useful ones are the noun, adjective, and verb dictionaries, all of which have specific sub-tenses. Other dictionaries containing lists of more specific nouns such as rpg classes, weapon types, foods, US cities, etc., serve as shortcuts for more refined generators.


RandoBot's scripting language has been developed over a year or so to make readability and editability prime. Each script is a list of plaintext lines, and each line represents a potential result type from the random generator. For example:

  • A line reading "~noun-s" would return a singular noun, capitalized.
  • A line reading "`ad-vb" would return an adverb, lowercase.
  • A line reading "~noun-s ~class" would return a singular noun followed by an rpg class.
  • A script file can be accessed in another script with the % operator, so "%randomclass" returns a value from the randomclass script!


Other functions include random number and character generation, as well as combining outputs and a few formatting quirks. The end goal is a modular scripting tool that can be used for simple but flexible random generation to come up with new ideas for your projects.

Install instructions

RandoBot requires the following:

  • NodeJS
  • The packages Discord.io, PythonShell, and Express
  • Python
  • A little bit of knowhow to set it up.

The ReadMe should take care of the rest. Cheers!


RandoBot.zip 38 kB